• School Re-opens on 10-06-219 for Classes Sr.Kg to VIII, 13-06-2019 for Classes IX to XII and 17-06-2019 for Classes Nursery & Jr. KG
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Every classroom is spacious, bright, ventilated and with furniture that are ergonomically designed conforming to the standards specified for students to develop the right posture. Each classroom is equipped with a smart-class facility with a host of interactive features.


Library is a self-learning institution. It is considered as the temple of learning and it plays a crucial role as a support system for education. The school has a modern, fully-equipped Library. The Library has a collection of over 10,000 books. It also houses magazines, journals and we have a rich collection of reference books.



Science Laboratories

There are 3 science laboratories in the school. 

All the laboratories have a capacity to accommodate 50 students at a time. The laboratories are spacious, airy and well lighted – in accordance with the best that can be provided at the corresponding levels.

Chemistry Lab

Computer Laboratories

There are separate Computer Laboratories for each building. In order to keep abreast with the dynamic world today, the school has a fully equipped state-of –the art Computer Labs with supervised internet service. Computers are configured based on the requirements of the students’ levels. The Computer laboratories are air conditioned.

Sports Infrastructure

The school has the best of facilities as far as sports is concerned. We have the World Class quality five layered deco turf synthetic courts . We have the grounds for Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Taek-won-do, Cricket (for practice), Table Tennis, etc.

The school has made special arrangements for the students to practice for the desired games/sports at the Physical, ground, Khokra in addition to the facilities available at our school premises. We give great importance to conducting games and sports. The students are encouraged to participate at the state level and national level.

R O Plant

The school has installed R O Plant to provide safe drinking water to all our students and teachers.

Children Park

The children park is an attractive place with latest amusements added. Children love to play in the serene atmosphere under the guidance of teachers.

Research & Innovation

At our school, we constantly innovate, develop and adapt new teaching methods in order to bring positive results in teaching-learning process. As this institution is part of the worldwide network of SDA organization, latest techniques, information, research findings, etc. are freely shared among the sister institutions.

PTM (Parent-Teacher Meetings)

Every month PTM is held to enable the parents & teachers to interact with each other. During this time, parents offer their suggestions on various aspects of the school and teaching, and the teachers inform them about their child’s progress in studies and other areas.